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    We are a SWToR guild on The Ebon Hawk(US) RP server, former of the Kath Hound(US) RP server. A collection of people committed to enjoying the game, in all its aspects, together as a team. We strive for excellence in end game content, PvP, and any aspect of the game our members are interested in partaking. This guild is council based, with which we try to represent all members in the leadership, so no one group or member feels left out.

   It is not uncommon for adult oriented humor, ribbing, and general mischievousness to occur so we recommend everyone being at least 18+ years of age or the associated maturity level.

   If this seems like a good home for you, please take a moment and head over to the recruitment page, register with, and fill out the application form so we can review and send you an in-game invite.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Qutenama through this website, or contact any member in-game to see if a councillors is available to speak with you.

~the Nemesis Council
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