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re: [12/3/16] Next stop : Bat Country


Quick Information

Host: Tarnisae, Nemiria (Republic)
Who: X-Faction
What: Festival
Where: 1691, 437, Tatoone (INSTANCE 1).
When: 3., December@ 9 PM EST




When you hear about the party you can't believe it. Then you see the ad on the holonet and you realize the rumors swirling through the nightclubs on Nar Shadda and Coruscant like smoke are true! Those rich kids really have teamed up to create a festival on Tatooine, way out in the desert in a place locally known as Bat Country. After some days of consideration you realize something else: This is a party you really don't want to miss.

OOC Information

1688,437 in the Jundland Wastes is a great location for cross-faction role-play as there won't be any mobs of people to interrupt the proceedings.
This event is intended to be a mixture between Burning Man and an underworld meeting place. Characters who would be interested in attending would be artists, performers, party-loving hedonists, stim dealers, and other members of the underworld who maybe just want to use the event as a cover for questionable deals.
it would be great to have more than simply people and music.
If you have ideas for role-playing within the event, or would like to help with organizing, please contact Tarnisae on enjin.

How to get there:



Republic Players
The trip to get to the party is relatively short. You travel to Tatooine and then take the speeder to Espelar Settlement.


From Espelar Settlement, just head north.



Empire Players:

Travel to Tatooine and head to Ridgeside Sentry Post.


From there you have to take your speeder. Follow the path north



When you are on the area across the gorge follow the road north until you spot the sand crawler


When you are at Camp Karnori make sure to avoid the Republic NPCs and drive around the sandcrawler. After that just head north.



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