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re: [10/14 - 10 PM EST] Claim the Moon - Open World PvP on CZ-19



Hosts: Adexi & Tarnisae
Who: Friends of open world pvp
What: Beating each other up on CZ-198
When: Saturday, October 14 at 10 pm EST
Where: CZ-198 - PvP instance

How to participate

Toggle your minimap to "PvP focus"

If you are a Republic Player type /join Adexi; If you are an Imperial type /join Eostra - that will get you into your ops group

Travel to CZ-198

The fight will take place in the middle of the area.


Tips and Tricks:

Play with a lower setting than normally - there will be many people and many attacks, so your computer might be struggle to handle them if you play on the highest resolution

Check to see which nameplates you actually need to have turned on for this - play with as few as possible, that will also be beneficial for the performance of your computer

Even if you do not have a microphone, join the discord to get an idea where everybody is and what is going on. It will be loud, it will be chaotic, but still you will get more information than through chat.

One of the challenges of those events is to even out the sides. So you may switch from Republic and Empire and back in the case it is needed, helping to make this event a success and fun for everyone.

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